WOD: Legs & Abs

Duration: 70mins

  • Deadlifts 11/50lbs 11/50lbs 11/50lbs
  • Side DB Squats 11/15lbs 11/15lbs 11/15lbs
  • EZ Barbell DEEP Squats 15reps 15reps 15reps
  • Plank Hop Tuck 5reps 5reps 4reps
  • Plank 30sec 60sec (so hard)! 70sec (f**k this hurts) !!!
  • Bridge Pump 11reps 15reps 16reps
  • Weighted Bridge Hold 60secs/5lbs 60secs/10lbs 75secs/10lbs
  • Weighted V-Ups 15reps 15reps 15reps
  • Sumo Squats 11/25lbs 15/25lbs 15/25lbs
  • Broomstick Twist 50/15lbs 50/15lbs 50/15lbs
  • Deadlift with DB 15/20lbs 15/20lbs 15/20lbs

Post-Workout Notes:
Workout today was just okay, wished I had more sleep but L.B. seems stuck with a bad habit of waking up at 2am and then every 2hrs after that. 😦
I’m really happy with my nutrition though, I think this is the first time in my life that I’m eating all the right foods. I’m glad that L.B. is learning to eat like us and seems to enjoy it too. Last night, she had grilled pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, raw vegetables and humus. 🙂