WOD: Chest. Shoulders. Biceps

Duration: 50mins

  • Bench Press 15/55lbs 15/55lbs 15/55lbs
  • Weighted V-Ups 15reps 15reps
  • Standing Arnold Press 11/10lbs 11/10lbs 11/10lbs (seated) 11/20lbs (seated)
  • Alternate Bicep Curls 11/15lbs 11/20​lbs​ 11/20​lbs​
  • Standing Pectoral Fly 11/8lbs 11/10lbs 11/10lbs
  • Dumbell Front Raises 11/8lbs 11/10lbs 11/10lbs​
  • Hammer Curls ​11/8lbs 11/10lbs 11/10lbs *10lbs seems too light*​
  • Push Ups 11reps 15reps 15reps​
  • EZ Bar Upright Row 11/40lbs 15/40lbs ​15/40lbs​

Last Week’s Body Composition:

Weight – 142.8lbs

Body Fat – 29.5%

Water Level – 46%

This Week’s Body Composition:

Weight – 143lbs

Body Fat – 27.5% (WooHoo) !

Water Level – 46.5%


​Today’s workout was not too bad, considered that I slept for less than 5hrs last night. I’m not sure why L.B. has decided to stop sleeping through the night. Oh well, what can I do​? maybe she takes on after me and just don’t need a lot of sleep to function properly 😛 but my poor hubby. I feel so sorry for him 😦 So, I decided last week that I would sta​rt checking my body composition again because sometimes its hard to tell if your body has made any changes when you see yourself every single day 😛 I learned a long time ago that a simple scale does not tell the truth. The number on a simple scale does not take into account the amount of lean tissue, body fat and hydration level ​we have in our body. So, if you want the most accurate measure of your progress, check it on a digital scale that measures body fat and hydration level as well. As you can see my weight went up from 142.8lbs to 143lbs (the old me would completely freak out) but now that I know better…my body fat has gone down 2% (this is the number to focus on). This means that I’ve put on more lean muscle mass (muscle weighs more than fat) and because more muscle = more fat burning while I sleep, I’m getting closer to reaching my goal of being at 130lbs with 15% body fat.