WOD: Back & Triceps

Duration: 60 mins

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row 11/15 11/20 11/25 11/25 *strength has greatly increased* 🙂
Tricep Dips 7reps 7reps 8reps 9reps

Wide Grip Pullup 7reps 7reps 7reps 7.5reps *just can’t get pass the 7reps* 😦
Tricep Pushup 11reps 15reps 11reps 11reps

Bench V-Up with Ball 11/10 11/10 15/10 11/10
Close-Grip Bench Press 15reps 15reps 15reps 15reps

Bentover Dumbbell Fly 11/10 11/10 11/10 11/10
Standing Tricep Extension 11/10 11/10 11/10 11/10

Cross-Body Punches 33/3 33/5 33/5
Lying Tricep Ext 15/5 15/5 15/5

My workout was pretty good today. Yesterday was a rest day and even though I did not workout, I still tried to stick to my healthy eating. For Example: My husband suggested that we could do our usual Wednesday night special, which is to order an X-Large Pizza for 7.99 at Metro (we used to do this every week) but since we already have healthy meals sitting in the fridge. I opt-out and he thought that my choice was healthier and cheaper for us too. 😛 So we ate our rosemary chicken breast and carrot squash soup for dinner. 🙂 During my workout today, I was slightly distracted with thoughts of a dear friend. She was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, this came as a shock to everyone because she is so young and very slim. I guess it’s just a myth to think that this condition only effects older people who are overweight. I thought about her condition and how much it reminds us to keep eating healthy & make fitness a priority in our lives. I know there are no guarantees but its the best we can do to take preventive measures for our health. I’m really sad about her condition but I will keep praying for her to trust in God’s plan for her.