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A Different Plan for 2015

Today’s topic is on New Year Resolutions…it’s a brand new year and whether we like to admit it or not, we all do it (myself included). We make resolutions to eat better, exercise more and lead a healthier lifestyle. But what is gonna set this year apart from all the other years that we’ve made and break our resolutions before the month even ends? We need a plan, a different kind of plan perhaps one that requires some action…

Action#1: Write down 2-3 of things that you would like to FOCUS on this year (2-3max). Next, make little circles that you can check off and write down actual things that you will do to stay focus on your main goals (sorta like a To Do’s list). Now make sure to put this somewhere that you can see everyday!


Action #2: Take an inventory of the fridge and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my fridge well stock with fruits, vegetables and lean meats?
  • Do I have a plan for what I will be feeding my family this week?
  • Have I made time to eat a balanced breakfast before starting my day?
  • Do I have lunches packed for work or a last-minute playdate?
  • What kind of snacks do I have on-hand for the 3pm munchies?


Action#3: Make a plan. We’ve all heard of the ol’ saying’ “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Plan to have clean workout clothes, shoes, socks, ipods in a designated area of your home. Plan to have meals and snacks ready-to-eat stocked up in the fridge. Plan your workouts and give it some priority. For example, I used to try doing ALL the housework while my daughter takes a nap which leads me to be exhausted by the time she gets up and is ready to play. Now I use her naptime to workout instead, so by the time she wakes up I’m refreshed, energized and ready to play with her. As for the housework? We do it together! She has fun and I get things done.


A Final Note: Keep it Simple, life’s complicated enough without all those different diet programs and exercise gadgets. Don’t just resolve to stop doing this or stop doing that, try to focus on the things that you want to do instead of the things that you shouldn’t do. For example: If you want to start exercising more this year. Don’t just say “I’m gonna try to workout more”. Ask yourself, when will I find the time to do it? and schedule it in your calendar just as you would schedule a doctor’s appointment (no one ever misses a doctor’s appointment). The most important thing is to write it down! this action alone will help you mentally commit to it. A few years back, I’ve resolved to not resolve but instead to just focus on the people and things that matter most to me. Some call it “Law of Attraction”, I call it a Blessing from God who always hears our prayers and every year has been better than the last. 🙂

Cheers to a new year of health & happiness!


My Top 7 Reasons to Workout

  • Reason#1 My daughter needs a good role model.
  • Reason#2 It ALWAYS puts me in a GREAT mood afterwards.
  • Reason#3 It helps me FOCUS on making better FOOD choices.
  • Reason#4 It gives me more ENERGY to keep up with my toddler.
  • Reason#5 You’re HEALTH is your greatest WEALTH
  • Reason#6 It makes me a BETTER wife (see#2) & mother (see#4)
  • Reason#7 I only have 1 body, if I don’t take care of it…who will ?