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Rouge Valley Mommies Ministry

Oh My God, I’m so excited! Yes I know, I shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain but something very exciting is about to be launched this coming summer! I haven’t felt this excited since launching Glamour Day Events 4 years ago!!!!

So, our family has decided that I will be staying at home to care for our little darling. This has not been an easy decision but it is the best decision for our family. While my days are still filled with endless mommy duties, I’ve managed to work on a few projects to make the most of our time together. Since, our little darling will not be spending her time traditionally in a daycare centre before school starts. I need to make sure that her time with mommy will also be filled with adventures and opportunities to meet other children. Being a full-time mommy is great and it’s already a 24 hr full-time job (without pay 😛 ) but it is my heart’s greatest desire to help my daughter grow in faith. I’ve prayed for a very long time for The Lord to guide me in finding the perfect ministry to serve as a Christian. In the past, I have always felt too “busy” to commit myself to serve in a ministry and this was before marriage & having a baby (who doesn’t sleep at night). Clearly, I’ve never understood the true meaning of being “busy” until I became a mommy! Yet, this is just another reminder that The Lord will always provide a way and the timing is always perfect.

I sat down with our Children Pastor and decided that we will start running a new mommy program called Rouge Valley Mommies. The mission is to offer a place for new mothers in the community to bring their babies to play in a safe environment and meet other new mommies. We will be meet once a week to sing some songs & rhymes, babies will get to play with other babies and mommies will get to mingle and have discussions about all things motherhood. I will be facilitating the program and pray that everything will run smoothly (hey I already have 9 months of intensive training under my belt) 😛

My prayer request for those who want to pray for us:

  • Please pray that The Lord will be with me to guide me through this ministry. Making it fun & exciting for every participant.
  • Pray that my daughter will have fun and meet other children in the community.
  • Pray that The Lord will continue to help me become the christian wife & mother to my family.

A Date With God

So, I’m now in my 2nd week of my 10 week plan. How many days have I worked out in the morning for the past 2 weeks? The answer is 1 out of the intended 6 days a week that I’ve scheduled for myself. I can probably start counting all the reasons/excuses of why I missed my workouts.

The biggest reason and most legitimate one (in my opinion) was the lack of sleep (most new mommies can relate to this one) Then the cycle repeats itself,

  • lack of sleep = no energy to exercise,
  • no exercise = less motivation to make good food choices, and
  • lack of sleep + lack of energy = to sugary food cravings to feel better.

The sugary foods will give me a temporary energy spike but then that energy spike crashes and I’m left feeling more tired than before.

So, what’s the solution? This may be easier said than done, but its worth digging a little deeper and asking myself, why is it so important for me to  get some form of physical activity/exercise on a daily basis?

The answer is simply because its important for me to take good care of myself, so that I have the energy to take care of others around me. But, how do I make this a priority in my life? Solution #1 – I have already tried scheduling it but it’s just so easy to dismiss it when things get tough or I don’t have the time and sometimes the energy to follow through. As a fitness professional, I know how important it is to make time for myself to stay healthy but as a mom & wife, taking care of others will always be more important to me than taking care of myself. 

Solution #2 – Imagine that the time that you are scheduling to “take care of yourself” is actually a date with someone really important (for me that would be God). Just imagine that this time was set aside to meet with someone really important in your life. Would you still choose to sleep-in? Wouldn’t you make this meeting a top priority and show up, no matter what !

I haven’t put this thought into practice and again it might be easier said than done, but it might be worth a try before I miss another 6 workouts because a meeting with my own health just wasn’t important enough for me to follow through.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 
– 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

40 Days of Living Sugarfree for Lent

Since, my number#1 goal for this year is to grow a closer relationship with God. I figure what better way to do this, than to take part in my first 40 days of lent! During this time, commencing Wednesday, March 5th to Saturday, April 19th me & my husband (cause misery loves company) will be fasting from sugary sweets. So it looks like there will be no birthday cakes for us this year, since our birthdays falls in the middle of March 😦  unless we take a free pass on a Sunday. Sundays are off days as they are traditionally not considered a part of Lent. Every Sunday is a “mini Easter,” when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and his victory over sin and death. The reason we (I’ve) chosen to abstain from sugary sweets is because, to be quite honest… we are both sugar addicts!!! Surprised??? Don’t be, because as much as we love eating sugary foods. We also love working out. Even though you can not outwork a bad diet, meaning (you can’t just workout and eat whatever you want). It is not as bad as just eating poorly and not exercising at all.

This 40 days fast from sugar will not only be a spiritual test of our will power (with God’s grace) to abstain from our temptation. It will also help our bodies to recover physically from the lack of discipline to eat well & exercise.

Our Lord has truly blessed us with this wonderful little girl, and soon we’ll need that extra energy to keep up with her. We as her parents are obligated to live as healthy as we possibly could, so that she would be lead by example.

Even though I’ve never done this before, I anticipate that it will get difficult along the way. So I’ve prepared a few things that will hopefully help get us through the next 40 days;

  • Pray before all our meals
  • Eat a healthy breakfast that includes at least 25grams of protein
  • Eat every 2-3 hours
  • Choose foods that will offer sustainable energy
  • Load up on a variety of vegetables
  • Eat an apple a day
  • Drink water with lemon
  • Try out some sugar-free flavoured herbal teas
  • If our daughter permits, we’ll try to go to sleep early (lack of sleep will make you crave sugar)
Me & My Husband's Fat Tuesday Celebration! Yes...we really ate it all in one sitting
Me & My Husband’s Fat Tuesday Celebration! Yes…we really ate it all in one sitting (scary I know) !!!
This will be my saving grace for the next 40days
These wonderfully flavoured herbal teas will be my saving grace for the next 40 days


Care to Share?

What are you giving up for Lent?

If sugar is also your biggest nemesis, how do you plan to curb your cravings ?

Footprints In The Sand

Good Morning, today I want to share with you my favourite poem because I’m in a sharing kinda of mood 😛

I was 9 years old when I first read this poem. I saw it on the wall of my doctor’s office waiting room area. I remember reading it out loud to my mother so she would be impressed with my english reading skills (as per usual, she was not impressed) 😛 I still remember how much the words of this poem struck a nerve within me that even as a little girl who didn’t know Jesus. I understood and somehow believed those written words. It would be many years later in life that I’ve come to realize and appreciate how much truth is written in those words. Even during times when I’ve forgotten about the poem and find myself too asking “why”. Now I know God is patient and always loving regardless if we know he is there or not.

Thanks to goggle I was able to track down the original author of this poem. I think the story of how she was able to reclaim ownership of her work is a very interesting read.

Poem By Mary Stevenson.


I hope you enjoyed this poem. I pray that it gave you a sense of peace and security to know that our Lord is always loving us.