WOD: Back.Triceps & Biceps

Duration: 70mins

  • Single-Arm Dumbell Row 11/20lbs 11/25lbs 11/30lbs *getting stronger*
  • Tricep Dips 11reps 11reps 15reps 15reps
  • Wide Grip Pullup 7reps 7reps 3reps *try to focus on form next time*
  • Tricep Pushup 11reps 15reps 15reps *hold reps next time for more challenge*
  • Bench V-Up with Ball 11/10lbs 11/10lbs 15/10lbs
  • Close-Grip Bench Press 15/40lbs 11/40lbs 15/40lbs
  • Bentover Dumbell Fly 11/10lbs 11/10lbs 11/10lbs 11/10lbs
  • Standing Tricep Extension 11/10lbs 11/10lbs 11/10lbs
  • Alternating Bicep DB Curls 11/15lbs 11/15lbs *try 20lbs next time*
  • Hammer Curls 11/15lbs 11/15lbs
  • Squat & Cross Body Swing 11/15lbs 11/15lbs

My workout was kinda BLAH today 😦
Strange considering L.B. slept through the night (well til 5:45am anyways) and to me anything more than 5hrs of sleep is a good night’s rest 🙂
I do have a lot on my mind lately with planning for my mother-in-law’s birthday party, social events and trying to stay focus on my goals for this year. Perhaps my body is well rested but my mind is not 😛 I dunno ??? but it doesn’t matter. I got my workout done and out-of-the-way and now I can just carry on with my day 🙂

Sneak Preview: Today, I took a selfie to start a visual way of tracking my progress…

2015-01-22 09.06.25

Full Disclosure: My tummy is only flatter in the morning, probably because my body has been dehydrated through the night and these workout pants are very flattering on the post-baby belly. However, my consistent healthier eating habits and daily exercise is the main contributing factor for getting a leaner physique.




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