WOD: Biceps, Abs, Legs, Triceps, Chest & Shoulders

Duration: 45mins

EZ Barbell Curl 11/40 11/40 11/40
Decline Crunches 11reps 11reps 11reps

EZ Barbell Deep Squats 15/40 15/40 15/40
Close Tricep Pushups 11reps 11reps 11reps

Alternating Bicep Curls 11/15 11/20 11/20
Dumbbell Front Raises 15/5 10/8 10/8

Laterial Dumbbell Raise 11/5 11/8 15/8 15/8
EZ Barbell Wide Grip Press 11/40 15/40 15/40

Freestyle Fridays is what I like to call today. No pre-written program, I just do whatever exercise I feel like doing. I’m starting to think that I should do this more often because it seems like I get the best workouts this way. I like having my full 60mins workouts but I also find that when I’m pressed for time (like today) I work harder because I don’t have much time. This is something to consider changing up in the future, shorter but more intense workouts.


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