WOD: Legs & Abs

Deadlifts 11/50 11/50 15/50
Side DB Squats 11/15 11/20 11/20 *20lbs was more difficult but better*
EZ Barbell Squats 11reps 11reps 15reps
Plank Hop Tuck 5reps 6reps
Plank 40secs 50secs
Bridge Pump 11reps 11reps 11reps
Bridge Hold 30secs 60secs 60secs *60secs was good, felt the burn*
Weighted V-Ups 11/10 11/10 15/10
Sumo Squats 11/30 10/30 10/30 *30lbs was too heavy to maintain proper form, will reduce to 25lbs next time*
Wall Sit with ball 20secs 30secs 30secs 
Broomstick Twist 50/15 50/15 50/15
Deadlift with DB 11/15 11/15 15/20 *Clearly I can use a 20lbs instead of 15lbs* 
Post-Workout Notes:
Today’s workout was pretty awesome! Thanks to another great night sleep and staying on track with my nutrition yesterday. I did have a bit of ice cream after dinner (because it was just sitting in my freezer begging to be eaten) 😛 Oh well it’s no big deal, I don’t consider it a failure because I worked out and ate well for most of the day. Now that the ice cream is gone, I’ll just have to work on not asking my husband to buy it. Out of sight, out of mind right? Tomorrow will be rest day and I’m kind of dreading it because I love how awesome I feel after every single workout but I know that it is VERY important to let my body rest and recover so that I can be stronger for my next workout. 



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