WOD: Chest.Shoulders & Biceps

Bench Press 11/50 11/50 13/50 *add 5lbs more next time*
Weighted V-Ups 11reps 11reps 15reps
Standing Arnold Press 11/10 11/10 11/10
Alternate Bicep Curls 11/15 11/15 11/15 *try 20 next time*
Standing Pectoral Fly 7/5 9/5 11/5 *failed to complete full reps*
Dumbell Front Raises 11/5 11/5 11/5 *try 8lb next time* 
Hammer Curls 11/10 11/15 11/10 *15 was too heavy, couldn’t maintain proper form*
Push Ups 11reps 11reps 11reps *go for 15reps per set next time*
EZ Bar Upright Row 3sets of 11reps
EZ Barbell Curls 3 sets of 11reps
Close Tricep Push Ups 3sets of 11reps
Incline 3 Dumbell Press 11/15 10/20 *LOVE THIS EXERCISE* 
3 Grip Dumbell Side Raise 33/5

Today’s workout was pretty good, I had alot of energy (probably because my daughter finally slept though the night) after waking up every hour for the past 2 weeks from teething and a cold (my poor baby). My focus today was on MIND to MUSCLE. Trying to feel every contraction so that I can cause some micro damage on the muscle fibres and with proper nutrition and adequate sleep this will help muscles to grow. I really want to grow more muscles because I’m so happy that after only 2 months of consistent training. I was able to carry in ALL the grocery bags into the house yesterday in ONE shot. This makes me feel so strong and happy!



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