Finding Balance

This week has been hectic, but I was finally able to schedule a night out with some local moms in the neighborhood. It’s funny how making new girlfriends is so much easier after you’ve become a mom (well at least for me anyways). I guess we’re all on the same boat…exhausted, clueless and desperately seeking for some adult conversation. Our night out was at the local pub The Black Dog. The food was good, the service could have been better but everyone was just too happy to be out of the house for a change. All the mommies looked different (myself included) but everyone looked really good. We had initially planned the outing for just a couple of hours after our babies went to bed. Let’s just say, the night ended way past our own bedtimes :P. It was a great night!

My 1st Mommy's Night Outfit
This was my outfit for the night.

We also had our 1st annual Operation Christmas Child packing party at home. It was a potluck party because I’ve finally accepted that trying to serve all the food at my own party, will now be a thing of the past. Potlucks has always been a foreign concept in my own household. As my mother would say “If you invite people over to your house, you should feed them“. Anyways, this potluck was successful and no seem to mind that I wasn’t providing all the food. It was really nice getting to know some of the mommies. Mommy conversations are still mostly within the 3 P’s (Pee, Poop & Parenting) but it was still just really nice to be talking to another adult. I hope to make this packing party an annual tradition.

So, I convinced my husband (which didn’t require too much effort) that I needed to get a massage this week. I found a local RMT online that ran her practice out of her own home. I was a bit hesitate at first but, I was really glad that I decided to try it. She was fantastic and was able to work with my shoulder specific injury from strength training. This has been a hectic week but with the girl’s night out, massage and children’s party. It has been a balanced week for me.

Highlights of Our Week

Mommy Tip: I have a mommy friend, who once told me that the one thing she learned about being a Mother after 7 years is that “For the rest of your life you will always have to live with the mommy guilt, so deal with it”.


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