Life of a Mommy

My original plan this week was to get up at 4:30am so that I could finish my workouts earlier and have a bit of time during the day to catch up on house chores. My daughter had her own plans and decided to get up at 4:30am too. Oh well, I can only try to do everything but sometimes I just have to decide which is more important. For me, the decision was made on the day my daughter was born that her needs will always come first! My husband’s second and everything else…i.e. the housework can always wait another day. I also discovered that even though sleeping-in was never my thing, this too has changed since becoming a Mommy. I call this Life of a Mommy.

Highlights of Our Week

This week we got some hand-me-downs toys from a really nice neighbor. I should have triple checked the old toys. My little girl got a cardboard cut from one of the broken toys and her little finger started to bleed. I was so traumatized with the sight of her blood, I didn’t know what to do. Thanks to my hubby’s calm nature & quick thinking, he immediately wash her wound, applied polysporin and a tiny bandage for her. He kept assuring me she is 100% fine and even though she was also laughing & giggling again in no time. I couldn’t get over the horrible feeling that my baby got hurt :(. This reminded me of the movie The Passion of The Christ The main focus of the movie was of course about Jesus and I would never forget that in my heart. But when I watched that movie again (shortly after my daughter was born) I saw it differently. This time I saw Jesus through Mary’s eyes and now I understand how it’s so true when people say that “your child’s pain is worse than your own“!






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