I’m Starting Over (In Fitness)

So, I’ve finally completed my 1st week of getting back into working-out and eating better. I know, I’ve talked about getting back into it in April (you can read that post here) and we’re wayyy into the middle of October now but I’m still learning thing the hard way. Being a Mommy is NOT easy! I’m constantly underestimating how TIME & ENERGY my little bundle of joy requires of me but this is part of Motherhood and I love every moment of it.

Before I started on my journey back into fitness this week. I made a list of 7 Reasons to Workout This list is very helpful as a reminder for me to stay motivated on days that I didn’t feel like working-out (and trust me this feeling happens on most days).

This Week’s Food Prep: I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t sabotage my workouts by eating unhealthy foods, so I prep some food on Sunday night for the week ahead.

I made some egg muffins for breakfast aka (post-workout meal)


Organic spinach was on sale, I pre-bag these and freeze them for an easy pre-workout blender breakfast.


I also made this Asian Pasta Noodle with Edamame for a quick grab & go lunch. (My hubby end up eating most of it)


This Week’s Fitness: Since this was my 1st week, I didn’t really have a workout plan. I wasn’t sure how much my body could handle. So, I posted notes on the wall and wrote in all the days that I had intended to workout. Then, I just filled in the exercises as I went along.


Results of Week#1:

Monday: I didn’t workout today because I was so exhausted from staying up on Sunday night, trying to prepare food for the week. I had to take my daughter to the library and usually we would go for a long walk afterwards but I was just too tired, so we came home and took a long afternoon nap instead.

Tuesday: I had a dentist appointment in the early afternoon so I almost talked myself out of  working out in the morning but I knew that if I didn’t do it on Monday and if I skipped it again today. I would have most likely say “F*** it” and scrap the entire week. So, I knew that I had to just do it! Honestly, the hardest part was making that decision to just “do it”. As soon as I started warming up, I was immediately reminded of how good this feels. Not surprisingly, I couldn’t lift as much as I used to but this was a great reminder of how out of shape I am. Now I’m even more motivated to keep working out.

Wednesday: The hardest part is starting but since I already got that out-of-the-way yesterday, today I was on a roll. After my intensive leg workout, I was so pumped, I called up a mommy friend to go for a 4km walk with our babies. My nutrition was also on par because I had pre-planned my meals and got rid of all the junk food in the house.

Thursday: My daughter unexpectedly woke up at 4:30am and wanted to play 😛 and this of course throws off her regular naps aka “mommy’s workout time“. So, I thought that maybe I could squeeze in a 20 min workout in the afternoon, when my mother comes over to play with her. Later on that day, she accidentally ingested traces of almonds and broke out into hives. She was super itchy and super cranky and didn’t want to do anything but cuddle with me & read some books in bed, so this was our afternoon. I was a little bummed that things didn’t go according to plan today, but moments with my daughter is more precious than gold. Unexpected situations beyond our control will always come up when you become a parent, I’m just so thankful that she is okay now and that she seeks comfort in simply just having me close to her.

Friday: This was another tough day with baby music classes in the morning and a scheduled playdate in the afternoon, again I could have easily scrap my workout and postponed it another day but I just knew I had to get it done! So, I did! I had an awesome workout training my back and as always my energy level was so high afterwards that I decided to go for 6km stroller walk!

Saturday: It’s wonderful to have a helpful hubby, even though we didn’t have much time available today before swim class, making more baby food, cleaning the house, hosting our church group meeting and heading out for a family dinner. My hubby was on guard this morning, while baby napped and I was able to squeeze in a quick 45 min workout before the day got crazy. Sometimes, it’s good to have limited time to finish my workouts because the training is usually more intense due to the time limit.

This Week’s Fun Stuff:

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