Sample Day Meal Plan for 1 year old

This is a sample day meal plan for our daughter.

3 tbsp of Quinoa Flakes (cooked)
1/2 Organic Banana
1 tsp of Hemp Seed (great source of essential fatty acids)

Homemade Apple Baby Muffin
1/2 Organic Banana

2 tbsp of Baby Chilli (Ground Veal & Veggies)
2-3 tbsp of Cooked Pasta (Acini di Pepe) this pasta is perfectly sized for little eaters!
3 tbsp of Sweet Peas (excellent source of iron)

1/2 Organic Avocado
1/2 Cut-Up Fruit (Peaches, Apples, Pears) served with
3-4 tbsp of Plain Yogurt

2 tbsp of Baked Chicken Thighs (dark meat is higher in iron than white meat)
3 tbsp of Red Quinoa
3 tbsp of Baked Organic Root Vegetables

Her meals vary from day-to-day, but here are some “healthy guidelines” we aim for our 1 yr old.

  • Aim for a serving of protein, veggies, nutritious grain at every meal
  • Include healthy fats such as avocado, full-fat milk & yogurt in snacks
  • Eliminate added sugar (avoid pre-package foods & read ingredients carefully)
  • Best choices for hydration is water & homogenized milk





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