A Bunny For A Friend

We decided to take my daughter to the local flea market yesterday. It was part exploring a new environment and part looking for a soft mat for her to play on. Flea markets brings back fond memories of my childhood of waking up before the crack of dawn and waiting impatiently for everyone else in the house to get up. Flea markets back in the days had livestock, bunnies and puppies. Those were good times !

This particular flea market also sold puppies but since my daughter plays with Remmi everyday chasing her around to catch her tail. She did not seem impressed by these wiggle little creatures that resembles a smaller version of our family dog and she was not allowed to touch.  She was very delighted with all the different sights and sounds of the flea market and seemed 100% content just looking around at different things. Then, we came across a little shop that had a big basket filled with stuffed bunnies which caught her attention ( or maybe it was my attention ) 😛 the bunnies were super soft and cuddly and very reasonably priced. So, I decided to buy her one even though it goes against my rules of not buying her any toys because I rather spend the money on saving for her education or buying organic foods. Sometimes, I just want to be mommy who spoils the love of my life (a little) and forget about the rules. There was a mountain of bunnies of all different shapes & colours. So, it took me awhile to narrow it down to the 2 most adorable bunnies and held it up for my daughter to see and choose one. Naturally, a 10 month old is gonna reach out both her hands (or maybe it’s just her) to grab both but I retracted the bunnies and explained to her that as much as she loves both, she can only choose 1. My daughter looked at me a little puzzled. This is the annoying part… the sales woman decided to chime in and said “it’s so CHEAP just buy her both” repeatedly. I am aware that this was her sales pitch to move more inventory BUT as a mother. This made me think of how important it is to teach my child (and to start at an early age) the value of money and the privilege of owning things. I know what is best for my child and the important life lessons that I want to instill in her, so I showed my daughter the 2 bunnies again and this time she just looked at me and smiled with excitement. I knew she would be happy with either one. (LOL). So, I picked the pink bunny for her but since it really was a good deal. I bought the blue bunny as well but this bunny will be given to my daughter’s friend.


My Mommy View: Even if I can afford to buy 2 or more of something I will always buy just 1. Unless it’s a really good deal :p then I’ll buy 2 but I’ll make sure my daughter understands that if we’re  blessed with the privilege to afford more of something we should always share it.


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