Glamour Day Events

The Story behind Glamour Day Events,

In 2000, through my participation in The Toronto Chinese Beauty Pageant. I was introduced to charity fundraising for local retirement and nursing homes. After the competition, I began to work as a volunteer at one of the local nursing homes and continued volunteering in many homes within my community at various events.

Glamour Day Events is a volunteer base program that gives FREE spa treatments and make-overs to senior residents living in long-term care and nursing homes, we offer them the experience to be pampered and feel beautiful again.

Glamour Day has been an ongoing project for the past 14 years. I believe that by combining passion and a gentle touch. We can re-create beauty through spa treatments and make-overs to our seniors, this can all help them to recapture their youthfulness and  boost their self-esteem during this time of transition in their life.

Glamour Day Events aim to:

1. Re-Introduce beauty to our seniors through hair styling , make-up application, manicure, pedicure and relaxation aromatherapy massages.

2. Reduce the isolation felt by some of our seniors living in a nursing home and through creation of beauty, our seniors can feel beautiful again and give them a renewed sense of wellbeing.

How You Can Help: 

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.  1 Peter 4:10



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