My Baby & My Body

Like most women, I’ve struggle with weight issues and self-image for most of my life.


As a former fashion model, who had spent the last 10 years competing in beauty & fitness competitions, self-image was a constant uphill battle for me.

At any given time in my life, I was constantly on a new fad diet trying lose weight in hopes of fulfilling my career as an aspiring model. When I got into the world of body building and strived for a fitness modeling career, my diet was constantly under the scrutiny of how much protein I needed to consume vs how little carbs I was allow to eat in order to keep my body fat percentage low.

On December 25th 2012. When the little blue indicator on a stick moved to an unmistakable (+). I thanked God for this wonderful blessing in my life and made a promise to love & protect this little miracle of mine.

From that moment on, my life with food & fitness was forever changed… for the better. The epiphany was that there is so much more to life than counting calories, or worrying about how I looked on the outside when a tiny miracle was happening inside my body.

It wasn’t until, I got pregnant and started to focus all my attention & energy on nurturing this growing baby inside my body that I finally learned the real “SECRET” to having a wonderful relationship with my self-image and appreciating my beautiful body simply lies in nourishing My Baby & My Body.

*These Beautiful Maternity Photos are courtesty of The Bridal Studio. By Raymond K.*

Has pregnancy or having a baby change your perception of your own body image? 



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