Feeding a 7 Month Old (Step-by-Step Guide)

Good Morning ūüôā

So, last Friday my mother-in-law had offered to babysit for me while I went out to lunch with my mom. Since my little darling is now on solid food she requires more that just an emergency¬†bottle of formula (if I didn’t make it home in time). So, I nervously draft up an email with these step by step instructions for my mother-in-law before she came over. I say nervously because I wasn’t sure how well received such an email would be to a woman who has raised a healthy grown man of her own for the past 36¬†years.

After I press sent, I paced around the house nervously waiting for a reply. My mother-in-law wrote back and told me that the instructions were “FANTASTIC” and for me to go have a good time! This did not come as a surprise to me, because this woman ALWAYS handles every situation in life with Grace & Gratitude. And now, I don’t even know why I was so nervous in the first place. ūüėõ

So, here’s a step by step guide on how I feed my own little darling.

Preparing Food:

1.       Turn off the radio, lock the dog (Baby can get easily distracted)

2.       Take heat-safe glass bowls out of Tupperware containers in fridge

3.       Pour 1 cup of hot tap water into small sauce pan

4.       Place heat-safe glass bowls in pan

5.       Turn heat on high (7-8)

6.       Set Timer for 5 mins

7.       Remove from heat and stir to cool (test on inside of wrist for correct feeding temperature)

8.       Use washcloth for cleaning baby’s face (wiping with tissues can dry out baby’s delicate skin)

Feeding Baby:

1.       Take Baby to her high chair, fasten seat beat (never leave baby unattended)

2.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Put on her bib and tell her that ‚ÄúWe are going to start lunch now‚ÄĚ

3.       Describe to baby what you will be feeding her today. (name of food, colour, texture)

4.       Put a small amount of food on the spoon to help baby get interested in eating

(Once baby starts to show interest in eating, add more to the spoon)

5.       Do not play games or make baby laugh while feeding (this is a choking hazard)

6.       If baby starts to cry, STOP FEEDING and try to calm her down before resuming to feed

7.       Total feeding time should not exceed  20-30 mins (Babies become bored very easily)

8.       Try to finish feeding main meal (Veggies & Meat) before offering dessert (Fruit)

9.       Do NOT force feed, Baby will let you know when she is full (turning away or refusing to open her mouth)

10.    When meal time is over, praise her and remove her from high chair.

Congratulations, Baby is now well feed and happy!

Did you ever have to let someone else feed your own baby?


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