40 Days of Living Sugarfree for Lent

Since, my number#1 goal for this year is to grow a closer relationship with God. I figure what better way to do this, than to take part in my first 40 days of lent! During this time, commencing Wednesday, March 5th to Saturday, April 19th me & my husband (cause misery loves company) will be fasting from sugary sweets. So it looks like there will be no birthday cakes for us this year, since our birthdays falls in the middle of March ūüė¶ ¬†unless we take a free pass on a Sunday. Sundays are off days as they are traditionally not considered a part of Lent. Every Sunday is a “mini Easter,” when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and his victory over sin and death.¬†The reason we (I’ve) chosen to abstain from sugary sweets is because, to be quite honest… we are both sugar addicts!!! Surprised??? Don’t be, because as much as we love eating sugary foods. We also love working out. Even though you can not outwork a bad diet, meaning (you can’t just workout and eat whatever you want). It is not as bad as just eating poorly and not exercising at all.

This 40 days fast from sugar will not only be a spiritual test of our will power (with God’s grace) to abstain from our temptation. It will also help our bodies to recover physically from the lack of discipline to eat well & exercise.

Our Lord has truly blessed us with this wonderful little girl, and soon we’ll need that extra energy to keep up with her. We as her parents are¬†obligated¬†to live as healthy as we possibly could, so that she would be lead by example.

Even though I’ve never done this before, I anticipate that it will get difficult along the way. So I’ve prepared a few things that will hopefully help get us through the next 40¬†days;

  • Pray before all our meals
  • Eat a healthy breakfast that includes at least 25grams of protein
  • Eat every 2-3¬†hours
  • Choose foods that will offer sustainable energy
  • Load up on a variety of vegetables
  • Eat an apple a day
  • Drink water with lemon
  • Try out some sugar-free flavoured herbal teas
  • If our daughter permits, we’ll try to go to sleep early (lack of sleep will make you crave sugar)
Me & My Husband's Fat Tuesday Celebration! Yes...we really ate it all in one sitting
Me & My Husband’s Fat Tuesday Celebration! Yes…we really ate it all in one sitting (scary I know) !!!
This will be my saving grace for the next 40days
These wonderfully flavoured herbal teas will be my saving grace for the next 40 days


Care to Share?

What are you giving up for Lent?

If sugar is also your biggest nemesis, how do you plan to curb your cravings ?


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