Mommy Moment at 6 Months

Today we are celebrating our daughter’s 1/2 year birthday, yes I just can’t wait and its also another great excuse to eat more cake 😛 Lucky for me, my husband has excellent craftsmanship when it comes to cake making so we decided to bake our first cake for our precious little one. She will not be having any cake but she will be embarking on her first solid food experience today! We decided to make it a small dinner party with my in-laws at home. Dinner was a success for the grown ups and my daughter has officially declare that she hates lentils (who can blame her) ? She fell asleep as soon as dinner was over and while my husband took care of the clean up because I did most of the cooking. I’m having a mommy moment now realizing that my tiny little baby is not so tiny anymore, she is quite big (compare to the 5lbs bundle we brought home 6months ago) and already sitting on her own now! I still recall how excited I felt when she first smiled at me on (October 11th) and it wasn’t just a gassy kind of smile. Lately, she gets all giddy when she tries to catch my hair around her tiny little fingers. My heart melts when she purposefully leans up against me, when I begin to read her favourite book. I guess its true when people have told me to hold on to every little moment while she is little because she won’t be little for long. God has given me the greatest gift and I’m truly blessed.

Care to Share?

What has been your best mommy moments so far ?


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