Footprints In The Sand

Good Morning, today I want to share with you my favourite poem because I’m in a sharing kinda of mood 😛

I was 9 years old when I first read this poem. I saw it on the wall of my doctor’s office waiting room area. I remember reading it out loud to my mother so she would be impressed with my english reading skills (as per usual, she was not impressed) 😛 I still remember how much the words of this poem struck a nerve within me that even as a little girl who didn’t know Jesus. I understood and somehow believed those written words. It would be many years later in life that I’ve come to realize and appreciate how much truth is written in those words. Even during times when I’ve forgotten about the poem and find myself too asking “why”. Now I know God is patient and always loving regardless if we know he is there or not.

Thanks to goggle I was able to track down the original author of this poem. I think the story of how she was able to reclaim ownership of her work is a very interesting read.

Poem By Mary Stevenson.


I hope you enjoyed this poem. I pray that it gave you a sense of peace and security to know that our Lord is always loving us.


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