Living with less

It is so true that part of motherhood is about learning “you just don’t live for yourself anymore” because now you’re a living example for someone else. Someone who relies on you and looks to you for love, support and guidance, their sweet innocence is shaped by you. How we choose to live our lives, from the foods that we eat to the choices that we make will have a direct impact to the choices that our children will make for themselves in the future. (No Pressure Eh)?

On that note, I was truly inspired by Joshua Becker’s book on Clutterfree with Kids, me and my husband have always tried to live the minimalist lifestyle, that is until our daughter arrived. The wish to give our children everything is not hard to understand for many parents and I’m not ashamed to admit that I started shopping for my little girl even before I even hit my 2nd trimester during pregnancy. As soon as she arrived, nothing in this world seem out of reach to us and because we’re so lovestruck and wanted to give her everything and make sure that she has more than enough provided to her. She ended up acquiring 3  Baby Gap winter hats for one tiny head that would soon outgrow those hats in a 1 week. Most of this stuff that we have over purchased have now made its way to The Salvation Army. So, the question we recently start asking ourselves is where do we draw the line between giving her what she wants Vs what she needs. The truth is that she doesn’t even have wants yet (being at 6 months old) but we’ve already found ourselves spending most weekends just shopping for clothes & toys & whatever else we find so darn cute that we must buy it for her and in the same weekend we find ourselves doing ALOT of laundry, and organizing ALOT of toys! This begs us to ask ourselves the question; why do we have so much stuff? Does she really need all this stuff? The answer is honestly no she doesn’t, the only toy she really needs is her parents love & affection and undivided attention, maybe a few good books for bedtime stories but babies really don’t NEED alot of stuff.

After reading Joshua’s blog on the minimalist living I was inspired to start cleaning and I mean REALLY cleaning and getting rid of or donating things that we truly don’t need.

The Result: It has been 2 weeks and counting… even though I’m still a long way from achieving the status as a true minimalist. I’ve already found more time to play with my baby, more energy from not having to reorganize stuff every day and more freedom to move around my house without tripping over her toys 😛

Minimalist Under The Sink
Minimalist Under The Sink
Minimalist Cosmetic Drawer
Minimalist Cosmetic Drawer

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