I Won’t Always Cry, Mommy

I saw this poem on a friend’s facebook timeline

I think her little boy is almost turning one and as my little girl is also nearing her 6 month birthday, I’ve finally begin to wonder where has time gone? Feels like just yesterday, I brought her home from the hospital. I still remember those precious little fingers and tiny little toes. I recall how she never seem to stop screaming, even during the brief moments when she wasn’t screaming. I could still hear her screaming (in my head). We were so tired, so exhausted, but so in love that every time she cried, I found strength that I didn’t even knew I had to pick her up for a cuddle despite the lack of sleep. I found strength to breastfeed her for the tenth million time within an hour because she was hungry, despite the pain of breastfeeding. I miracuosly found strength to do it. But, I also remember praying every single night that I wish she would grow up faster so that maybe things will be easier and I would have learned how to better care for her. That was then, nowadays I still don’t get much sleep but NOT  because I don’t need to but because knowing she won’t always be so small, I just don’t want to miss a thing! You know how they say having a child changes your life? It’s TRUE, it all so true, and more…When you have a child, your life becomes better, even if it was pretty awesome before it gets 1000x BETTER! Maybe not the first 4-5 months, when you barely get enough sleep and you’re walking around like a zombie (a very happy zombie) and sometimes you feel so frustrated because you have no clue what you are doing and babies don’t come with instruction manuals but day by day you watch them grow right before your eyes. Then one day you see their face lights up, just because you walked into the room. It kind of makes you feel like the most important person in the world (even if it’s just their world) you forget about everything that you’ve ever gone through in the past 5 months, it’s like their smile makes you forget. You forget about the lack of sleep, you forget about the pain because all you can focus on is this moment. This moment of seeing that tiny little person smiling at you. You feel so happy, so blessed and so overjoyed that you don’t even have enough words to explain it.

Isn’t it so cool how a little stranger that you’ve only known for 6 months can bring so much joy to your life?


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